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At every level of the state and federal appellate court systems, Beroset & Keene has successfully represented clients in many areas of complex appellate litigation. Regardless of whether you are on the winning or losing side of a decision, trial court rulings are often not the end of the court process. If there is an appeal, you still need to preserve the win or challenge the loss to seek a reversal. When an important lower court ruling is challenged, Beroset & Keene has earned a reputation among its peers as experienced and highly effective appellate advocates. Beroset & Keene have litigated appeals and conducted oral argument before numerous federal and state appellate courts throughout the United States, including the United States Courts of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, and other state appellate courts.

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Beroset & Keene handle direct appeals in many substantive areas of the law. We have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of criminal appeals, including direct appeal of convictions, sentencing, as well as original proceedings involving writs of mandamus, prohibition, certiorari, and habeas corpus. We are also experienced appellate advocates in all areas of family law proceedings, including appeals of dissolution of marriage, modification, custody, equitable distribution, and other family law final and temporary orders. We provide a detailed evaluation of each appellate matter we undertake, and give an objective assessment of the merits of your case in relation to prevailing legal standards. Beroset & Keene also frequently provides litigation support to trial attorneys seeking our experience on issues including preservation of error and other strategies in relation to a possible appeal. Trained and experienced, Beroset & Keene is ready to help with any appellate matter you might have.